Bluw Ridge Paranormal has investigated from the east coast to the west coast. Below we will list them along with a description of what we found.  We have done other private residences that we cannot list here due to the clients privacy.

Tombstone AZ

We investigated in Tombstone in 1996, we were not a formal group at the time. We took many photos and video at Boot Hill, we have an interesting photo that can be seen on our photo page. We also took video and photos in the Bird Cage Theatre.

New Orleans LA

We spent two days in New Orleans in 2003 mainly concentrating on the French Quarter. We captured a photo that may be seen on our photo page of what appears to be a girl in the window of the LaLaurie Mansion. There was not anyone in the window at the time of this photo.

Ongoing Private Residence

In early 2007, we started an ongoing case at a private residence that  was the scene of a questionable death that eventually became Blue Ridge Paranormal's headquarters. The activity ranges from sounds of footsteps, cold spots, appliances turning on for no known reason, motion detectors going off in rooms that are not occupied, and items being moved or damaged after we leave. As of yet, we have not been able to catch conclusive evidence on video, but we have caught quite a few evp's that you may hear on our evp page.



Gettysburg PA

In July of 2007, Blue Ridge Paranoral Investigator Richard Liebeck and independant paranormal investigator Randy Liebeck investigated Triangular Field in Gettysburg, PA. They were there also to attend the ghost world conference. Richard took several shots that day with a Kodak DX7590 5mp camera, the first shot showed a misty form, so Richard decided to use an infrared filter. He installed a Hoya R-72 infrared filter on his camera and took what has now became known as the "Liebeck Soldier Photo"  It appears to show a soldier in period dress on Triangular Field. We have since been experimenting using infrared lenses on still and video cameras. Shortly after the photo was taken, an evp was recorded, you may see and listen to these on our photo and evp links.

Fort Pulaski Savannah GA

In May of 2008, Blue Ridge Paranormal travelled to Savannah Ga. to investigate all the stories we had heard. We visited Fort Pulaski, the site of the "Immortal 600" If you are not familiar with the Immortal 600, these were 600 Confederate soldiers that were housed in very small quarters and fed spoiled items of food. Several of these men died as a result of horrible conditions and and improper nutrition. We have several evp's from here and a photo of what appears to be a pant leg and boot. You can see these on our evp and photo page. Please see the video below for more information on the "Immortal 600"


Private Residence In Rutherford County NC

In Febuary of 2008, two  Blue Ridge Paranormal members investigated a residence in Rutherford County NC. Due to the homeowners request, we cannot tell you much about the location, but we have permission to disclose the evidence. There was not any power connected to this home, yet we had high emf spikes that we could follow inside this home. It seemed to move from one place to another, we recorded an evp saying "GET OUT"  We heard slamming noises as if someone was slamming the front door, upon inspection of the outside we found no logical reason for this. A few days later, one investigator by himself went back to the home at night. He went in the the totally dark home with his flashlight, he witnessed a football shape twirling light that consisted of many colors all pulsing. We have since lost access to this property, our conclusion is that this home definitely had paranormal activity.

Cold Hollow NC

On September 5th 2009, Blue Ridge Paranormal investigated a cabin in Cold Hollow NC. We are still going over the evidence, we will report further on this case as soon as possible.